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There are so many online converters, why another standalone converter?
I have never seen an online converter having all the features that my program has.
Why did you write this program?
I am an immigrant. I was raised in a country where Metric system is used. But now I live in the US. English2metric makes it easier for me to cope with Imperial system. I use the program myself a few times per week.
Why are Imperial units on the left and Metric units on the right?
This is just a default setting. You can easily change it using Settings->Visible Units->Enable two way conversion.
Why is your program called English2metric, not Imperial2metric?
The system of measurements was called English in the country where I lived. Besides, I just thought that English sounded better.
Why is your program called English2metric, it should be English2Metric?
I just thought that English2metric looked better, but you can call it as you want.