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Who would be interested in the program?
If you have a laptop computer and need to turn it on and off several times per day, than you will find the program very useful.
Also, sometimes your computer may refuse to shutdown or some program may refuse to close. The shortcuts are guaranteed to terminate all unnecessary applications.
How to use the program?
After the installation, several shortcuts will be created on your desktop. The purpose of the shortcuts is straightforward. For maximum speed, press Ctrl-W to close all extra Windows Explorer Windows.
Why is your program better than similar programs?
Shortcuts use 0% of RAM. The program does not increase the boot time of a computer.
What is the purpose of Disk Maintenance shortcut?
It is recommended to scan your drives for errors and/or defragment them once per month. This may prevent unexpected computer crashes and improve the speed of your system. Disk Maintenance shortcut makes it easier to perform these vital routines.