English2metric 1.0

English2metric is a unit converter designed especially for non-technical users. The program can convert between any pair of units used in everyday life. Such features as special design, auto complete and the ability to choose visible units make the speed of all conversions lightning fast. In most cases, you need to type just the first letter of the unit. Whether you are a tourist, an immigrant, a chef, or anybody else, you will find English2metric very useful.

Key features of the program:

Autocomplete. You will no longer need to pour over lengthy lists of items trying to find what you want and spoiling your eyesight. When using English2metric, in most cases you need just to type the first letter of the unit.
Visible Log.
Have you ever made a mistake in your calculations? Have you ever had the desire to see all your previous calculations? In English2metric you can do it right on the program screen.
Visible Units.
If you never work with Barrels, why should you see them each time you open a conversion program? In English2metric, you can filter out the units you don't need.
Unique Design.
In English2metric, all categories are accessible without a single mouse-click.
Click anywhere to clear data.
When you want to erase everything that you have typed, what do you do? Some applications have a “Clear” button, some do not. In English2metric, you just need to click anywhere on the form.
Animated Help.
No more reading boring articles about how to do this, what does that mean, and so on. English2metric uses animated help, enabling you to see what you are looking for right on the screen.
If you are converting from meters to feet, or centimeters to feet, do you want to see the result in feet only? Or would rather see the result in feet+inches format? English2metric enables you to see both feet and inches.
Processing of Fractions.
Let’s assume that you are reading a recipe. It says, “Add 1 1/3 cups of sugar.” But you need to convert from cups to milliliters. How to enter 1 1/3? In English2metric, you can enter numbers right as you see them: 1 1/3, 2/3 and so on.
Always on Top Option.
Have you felt the need to have two programs running simultaneously? You can always make the English2metric window visible, no matter what application is running in the background: a web browser, word processor, and so on.

For best experience, please view the included tutorial before using the program.

 License: Freeware, OS: Windows all (XP recommended).






  Thanks for your interest in the first version of my program. Please leave feedback!









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